Are you out of balance?

We all have them.  You know, those days when it seems like everything goes wrong.  Then, before you know it, one thing after another happens and then your day has gone down the drain.

It might start with running late, or not being able to eat a good breakfast.  Maybe the car didn’t start, or the outfit you planned to wear didn’t fit right, or you forgot something you needed during your day.  Balance can be thrown off by so many things.  It could be that you did not have enough sleep, take time to exercise, eat healthy, attend church, or your normal schedule is simply out of whack.  When life is off kilter and things aren’t going right, before you know it, everything seems out of balance.

So, how do you achieve balance?  This answer will vary for everyone.  To achieve a life of complete symetry, your life has to flow.  Not only do you need to manage your time, but also the “things” around you.  It should come as no surprise that total balance can not achieved in one day.  Some people don’t achieve harmony and balance in their life for a year or more.  While balance is a process, taking action now to create balance will also create an extremely positive energy in your life.  Before you know it, things will start to feel right again in your life and you’ll be sailing through with a positive outlook again.  But first, we need to talk about purging any and all negative energy in your life!

Balance is achieved by determining that which makes you feel balanced and in complete control of your life and eliminating the things, environments, people, and habits that make you feel out of alignment.  To be on top of your game you need to be able to sail through your day with complete ease.  Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?  How does one sail through their day and fly with ease?   This is the secret to total balance in your life.  In order to be able to fly you need to rid yourself of things that are weighing you down or that don’t make you feel good about yourself or your surroundings.

First, let’s address excessive behaviour.   Any excessive behaviour can prevent you from living your life in total joy.  For some people, this could be the use of drugs or alchohol.  Others may shop too much, or collect too much stuff.  When you have too much stuff to manage, it starts to weigh you down and slow you down.  Some people work till excess and don’t know when to stop working.  Still others eat too much, or give too much of themselves without putting on their own oxygen mask first.  Some people are addicted to TV or other not so great for you habits.  Before you know it, your energy zapped and you feel completely drained and out of sorts.  Then you start to feel like life is “no fun” any more and you start to wonder what life is all for.  When you are out of balance, things start to spiral out of control when you don’t have control over the energy around you.

Still others deal with other people who exhibit excessive behavior.  Other people’s  excessive behavior also has a negative impact on you.   While I’m not suggesting abandoning people when you can have a positive impact on them, I am suggesting that you know when to back away from negative, excessive behavior and concentrate on creating more energy in your life.   You need to know when to simply “Stop” and turn in another direction.

To create more energy in your life, you need to think about things around you that create energy, as well as things around you that impact your energy level.  This could be as simple as cleaning out your closet or a pantry.  You’d be amazed at how your energy level rises when you get rid of anything in your life that doesn’t make you feel good.  Get rid of any dead wood in your life.  Have a picture on the wall that doesn’t make  you feel good?  Get rid of it!!!  Have clothes in your closet that don’t look good on you or even reminds you of a time you’d prefer to forget?  Eliminate it from your life!

Do you live in an area that isn’t your ideal lifestyle?  Do you live somewhere that makes you feel unhappy?  Have you outgrown your current lifestyle and possibly need to make a change in your living arrangements?   Maybe you’d like to live at the beach, or on a golf course.  It might be that having a soothing water view is incredibly important to you.  Take a step back and think about your life being filled with energy.  What does that look like? If you are looking to change your lifestyle, the right Realtor will help you locate the right home, townhome or condo that suits the energy style you’d like to live with.  It could be as simple as changing your furniture and or redecorating your current residence.  You might need to knock out a wall, or add Feng Shui elements that sooth your soul.  We’ll talk more about this in future blog posts.

Anything in your home or office space that doesn’t make you feel good is what you should start with first.  Make a list of what needs to get done to make you feel less stress.  Get those taxes done and get that monkey off your back.  Balance the checkbook or create a budget, organize the coupons, clean out the garage, clear out the medicine cabinet, go through that pile of mail, work on the yard.  Fix anything that you feel is weighing you down.  Get those projects done….just tackle them!  Clean up and clean out anything in your life that you feel is clutter.  Clutter could be anything that doesn’t give you energy or satisfaction and makes you feel negative thoughts.  By removing anything that you don’t need in your life, you create new and positive energy and make room for the things you do want and need in your life!

You may need to avoid people who drain your energy.  Sometimes its best not to deal with people who have a less than positive impact on your life.  Again, even with people, it’s a good idea to get rid of the dead wood in your life and spend time with the people who help you to grow and make you a better person just by being around them.   Take time to evaluate each and every person in your life.  Don’t discount anyone who brings value, or people that you can bring to.  It would be a safe bet to eliminate anyone who doesn’t bring joy and meaning to your life.  It’s ok to raise your standards and think on a positive, energy attracting level.

The most important thing you can do right now is to take action.  Evaluate the things around you in how they make you feel.   Keep things that bring you joy and pleasure and eliminate stuff that doesn’t.   Make a list and work on each room, closet, or drawer as you have time to do so.  Tackle the biggest projects first and reward yourself when you are done.   This is a process, but it’s a process that will help you soar in the long run.



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